Date Preacher Title Audio
8/27/2017 Min. Adrian Judkins Jesus, The Way, The Truth and The Life Listen
8/20/2017 Rev. Harold P. Dxson  I'm Gonna Rejoice Anyhow - #He'll Turn Your Worry Into Worship Listen
8/13/2017 Min. Anne A. Dixson The Word of God Listen
8/6/2017 Bishop Curtis L. Shaird  A Testimony From a Tested Soul Listen
7/23/2017 Min. Mary K. Shaird Stay In The Pocket Listen
7/16/2017 Bishop Curtis L. Shaird  I Can Not Make It Without Jesus Listen
7/9/2017 Pastor Steven Graham The Word of God Listen
7/2/2017 Bishop Curtis L. Shaird Can You See God Moving In Your Life Listen
6/25/2017 Min. Adrian Judkins "That's It" Listen
6/11/2017 Bro. Brian Mitchell "Stay In The Battle" Listen
6/4/2017 Bishop Curtis L. Shaird "I Am Safe & Secure In Jesus Listen
5/28/17 Rev. Morris A Goggins, Sr. "What To Do With Your Lazarus Moment" Listen
5/21/2017 Min. Mary K. Shaird "I Can Show You Better Than I Can Tell You" Listen
5/7/2017 Min. Wallace Osbourne, Sr. The Word of God Listen
4/23/2017 Min. Adrian Judkins The Word of God Listen
4/16/2017 Bishop Curtis L. Shaird "Where Have You Laid Jesus?" Listen
4/9/2017 Rev. Harold P. Dixson "The King Is Still Coming" Listen
4/2/2017 Rev. Harold P. Dixson "Storm Chasers #StayFocused" Listen
3/26/2017 Bishop Curtis L. Shaird "Are You Doing Your Best?" Listen
3/19/2017 Bishop Curtis L. Shaird "Directions For The Journey" Listen
3/12/2017 Min. Mary K. Shaird "Stop, Drop and Roll" Listen
3/5/2017 Rev.  Leroy Dixon "God's Will" Listen
2/26/2017 Min. Wallace Osbourne, Sr. "God Is Comfort" Listen
2/19/2017 Min. Adrian Judkins "Beware" Listen
2/5/2017 Rev. Harold P. Dixson "That Day" Listen
1/29/2017 Bishop Curtis L. Shaird "How To Overcome Disappointments Listen
1/22/2017 Bishop Curtis L. Shaird "It's Time To Stop Hiding" Listen
1/15/2017 Rev. Harold P. Dixson "Call On Jesus" Listen
1/8/2017 Bishop Curtis L. Shaird "You Can Make It" Listen
12/11/2016 Bishop Curtis L. Shaird "Why Do You Come To Church?" Listen
12/4/2016 Bishop Curtis L. Shaird "What Do You Want From Jesus? Listen
11/27/2016 Min. Mary K. Shaird "Let's End This" Listen
11/24/2016 Min. Daryl Griffin "He Gave Me A Chance" Listen
11/27/2016 Min. Mry K. Shaird "Let's End This" Listen
11/20/2016 Rev. Harold P. Dixson "More Jesus" Listen
11/6/2016 Bishop Curtis L. Shaird "When A House Is Not A Home" Listen
10/30/2016 Rev. Harold P. Dixson "There's A Thin Line Between Heaven & Hell" Listen
10/23/2016 Min. Angela Judkins "To Be Kept By God" Listen
10/16/2016 Bishop Curtis L. Shaird "This Is A Warning From God" Listen
10/9/2016 Rev. Harold P. Dixson "You Can Stand On The Promises Of God" Listen
10/2/2016 Rev. Harold P. Dixson "Prayer Still Works" Listen
9/25/2016 Bishop Curtis L. Shaird "Can You See What God Is Showing?" Listen
9/18/2016 Min. Mary K. Shaird "It's You" Listen
9/11/2016 Bishop Curtis L. Shaird "He's Preparing Me" Listen
9/4/2016 Rev. Harold P. Dixson "Don't Let Go, Don't Give Up" Listen
8/28/2016 Bishop Curtis L. Shaird "God's Provision Is Always Near By" Listen
8/21/2016 Min. Wallace Osbourne, Sr. "Yes, Lord I Believe" Listen
8/14/2016 Min. Jorge Penalbert The Word of God Listen
8/7/2016 Bishop Curtis L. Shaird "Lest I Forget Thine Agony" Listen
7/31/2016 Bishop Curtis L. Shaird "It's Time To Grow Up" Listen
7/24/2016 Min. Angela Judkins "It's In The Word" Listen
7/17/2016 Rev. Harold P. Dixson The Word of God Listen
7/10/2016 Min. Mary K. Shaird "Release The Hostages" Listen
7/3/2016 Rev. Morris Goggins "Go A Little Further" Listen
6/26/2016 Min. Wallace Osbourne, Sr. "Mercy and Grace" Listen
6/19/2016 Rev. Harold P. Dixson "As For Me & My House" Listen
6/12/2016 Bro. Shawn Jiles "I've Got A Word" Listen
6/5/2016 Bishop Curtis L. Shaird Word of God Listen
5/29/2016 Min. Anne Dixson "Stand Fast" Listen
5/22/2016 Rev.  Robinson Word of God Listen
5/15/2016 Rev. Harold P. Dixson "Don't Blame God" Listen
5/8/2018 Bishop Curtis L. Shaird "Behold Thy Mother" Listen
5/1/2016 Rev. Harold P. Dixson "It Didn't Look Good" Listen
4/24/2016 Bishop Curtis L. Shaird "Are You Living In Your Entitlement?" Listen
4/17/2016 Bishop Curtis L. Shaird "It's Time For Spring Cleaning" Listen
4/10/2016 Min. Wallace Osbourne, Sr. The Word of God Listen
4/3/2016 Bishop Curtis L. Shaird "When The Reason Is Big Enough" Listen
3/27/2016 Min. Mary K. Shaird "Turn It Over To Jesus" Listen
3/20/2016 Rev. Harold P. Dixson "Who Is This?" Listen
3/13/2016 Bishop Curtis L. Shaird "God Has Passed All Tests" Listen
3/6/2016 Bishop Curtis L. Shaird "Whose Power Are You Under?" Listen
2/21/2016 Rev. Harold P. Dixon "I'll Be Back" Listen
2/14/2016 Min. Anne A. Dixson "If Loving You Is Wrong" Listen
2/7/2016 Bishop Curtis L. Shaird "Wait On The Lord" Listen
1/31/2016 Min. Mary Shaird "Are We There Yet?" Listen
1/24/2016 Min.Wallace Osbourne, Sr. "Jesus the Humble Servant" Listen
1/17/2016 Min. Angela Judkins "Your Looking At This All Wrong" Listen
1/10/2016 Rev. Harold P. Dixson "God is My Refuge" Listen
1/3/2016 Bishop Curtis L. Shaird "Escaping From The Country" Listen
12/31/2015 Elder Zachary Reynolds "It's Time for Better" Listen
12/27/2015 Rev. Harold P. Dixson " Nothing Else Matters" Listen
12/20/2015 Bishop Curtis L. Shaird "The Birth of Christ is the Ultimate Love of God" Listen
11/22/2015 Bishop Curtis L. Shaird "Only Jesus Can Stop Your Bleeding" Listen
11/15/2015 Rev. Harold P. Dixson "One Day" Listen
11/8/2015 Min. Wallace Osbourne, Sr. "A Praying Mother" Listen
11/1/2015 Bishop Curtis L. Shaird "How To Get Away With Contentment" Listen
10/25/2015 Min. Adrian Judkins "Hidden In Plain Sight" Listen
10/18/2015 Bishop Curtis L. Shaird "His Healing Power Is Still Available" Listen
10/11/2015 Bishop Curtis L. Shaird "The Disease of Discouragement" Listen
1o/4/15 Rev. Harold P. Dixson "I Still Have Joy" Listen
9/27/2015 Min. Griffin "I Did Not Ask For This" Listen
9/20/2015 Min. Mary K. Shaird "That's My Story & I'm Sticking Too It" Listen
9/13/2015 Bishop Curtis L. Shaird "All Things Work Together" Listen
9/6/2015 Rev. Harold P. Dixson "He's Working It Out" Listen
8/30/2015 Min. Adrian Judkins "So You Think You Can Dance" Listen
8/23/2015 Min. Wallace Osbourne, Sr. "Lord Help Me" Listen
8/21/2015 Rev. Ken Young "Going Around and Around in Circles" Listen
8/20/2015 Min. Darryl Griffin "Focus" Listen
8/19/2015 Min. Jesse Williams, Jr. "You Have An Assignment" Listen
8/16/2015 Bishop Curtis L. Shaird "The Love of God" Listen
8/9/2015 Min. Anne A. Dixson "The Struggle Is Real, But I' m Moving" Listen
8/2/2015 Bishop Curtis L. Shaird "Why Do You Come To Church?" Listen
7/26/2015 Min. Mary K. Shaird "Work Smarter Not Harder" Listen
7/19/2015 Rev. Harold P. Dixson "It's Almost Over" Listen
7/12/2015 Min. Wallace Osbourne, Sr. "The Power Of Forgiveness" Listen
7/5/2015 Bishop Curtis L. Shaird "The Spiritual Lessons of Independence Day" Listen
6/28/2015 Bishop Curtis L. Shaird "It's Time To Stir Up God's Gift In You" Listen
6/21/2015 Bishop Hunter Word of God Listen
6/14/2015 Bro. Brian Mitchell "Follow Me" Listen
6/7/2015 Rev. Harold P. Dixson "I Cannot Come Down" Listen
5/31/2015 Min. Anne A. Dixson "You Can't Bring Flesh To A Spriritual Battle" Listen
5/24/2015 Min. Mary K. Shaird "Set It Off" Listen
5/17/2015 Min. Mary K. Shaird "It's Over" Listen
5/10/2015 Bishop Curtis L. Shaird "How Far Will You Go?" Listen
5/3/2015 Rev. Harold P. Dixson "The Same God" Listen
4/26/2015 Min. Wallace Osbourne, Sr. "Do You Know That God Loves You?" Listen
4/19/2015 Bishop Curtis L. Shaird "The Very Real Danger of Staying in Enemy Territory Too Long" Listen
4/12/2015 Min. Angela Judkins "Can I Get A Witness" Listen
4/5/2015 Rev. Harold P. Dixson "God Still Moves Stones" Listen
4/1/2015 Various Preachers 7 Cries From The Cross Pt. 2 Listen
4/1/2015 Various Preachers 7 Cries From The Cross Pt. 1 Listen
3/29/2015 Bishop Curtis L. Shaird "The Visitation That Can Always Produce Change" Listen
3/22/2015 Min. Anne A. Dizson "It's Time To Take Inventory" Listen
3/15/2015 Min. Mary K. Shaird "I'll Do It" Listen
3/8/2015 Min. Wallace Osbourne, Sr. The Word of God Listen
3/1/2015 Rev. Harold P. Dixson "Stop Turning Up & Turn It Around" Listen
2/15/2015 Bishop Curts L. Shaird "Attitude, Grattitude and Healing Listen
2/8/2015 Min. Angela Judkins "This Is Not A Game" Listen
2/1/2015 Bishop Curtis L. Shaird "Do You Still Have A Zeal For God? Listen
1/25/2015 Rev. Harold P. Dixson "What Do You See" Listen
1/18/2015 Bishop Curtis L. Shaird "You Don't Know What You're Missing" Listen
1/11/2015 Rev. Harold P. Dixson "It's In Your Hand" Listen
1/4/2015 Bishop Curtis L. Shaird "What Are You Going To Do About Jesus Listen